Vitamin D, CBS and Pickle Mayonnaise


Vitamin D and Sleep Dr. Seth Roberts (a PhD and biohacker who presented at AHS last year) has been blogging about my Vitamin D and sleep connection for several months now and has been trying it out for himself. Seth has been trying to improve his sleep for years and definitely thinks I’m on to something. You can read about his experiments here. He’s currently writing a publication on the subject, which I can’t wait to read. He’s also been referring to the topic during some of his talks. I know some of you have tried and have had success with changing the timing of your supplementation – we believe it’s more important than previously thought and can impact the outcome. Paleo on CBS Paleo’s been on the news again! Dr. Kim Mulvihill at CBS San Francisco recently came to PaleoFX and interviewed some of us. There’s tons of great information, including an interview with CJ Hunt about his new movie, In Search of The Perfect Human Diet. (Spoiler alert: it turns out the perfect human diet is Paleo.) Check out the videos on CBS, or click below. I just happen to be in this one. ;) Aired May 14, 2012: New Documentary … Continue reading

Nutrition Info – Some of the Basics

My nutrition class went well yesterday. The staff at the Safeway didn’t even bat an eyelash at us. Below are some of the things we discussed in greater depth. Next time I’m going to take them to Trader Joe’s to show them what to buy, instead of what to avoid. That’ll be more fun. In the meantime, here’s some stuff you need to know if you’re shopping at a conventional supermarket. Don’t forget to click on some of the links I’ve provided, they’ll take you to more site with even more information, if you want sources or just more proof. Nutrition Labels: One in four nutrition labels is wrong.  Very often a product will claim to have no calories, sugar or trans fats when it fact, it has calories, sugar and trans fats. Sometimes the carb count is really higher than what it says. Innocent mistake? Perhaps. Or perhaps some labeling is misleading on purpose. If the company gets fined at all, you’ve already bought and consumed their product and are not likely to read the label again if you purchase it in the future so they end up ahead. The percentages you see on the side of the nutrition … Continue reading