Enhanced Water You’ll Want to Drink

I’ve been seeing all kinds of crazy crap on the market lately. Water full of vitamins, flavors, calcium, electrolytes, herbs, and weight-loss ingredients. There’s even a fortified water for dogs (FortiFido) and one enhanced with “positive thoughts” to “raise consciousness in humanity” (Aquamantra). I can’t make this shit up. Apparently people don’t want to drink regular water anymore. I, myself, have no problems with it, but sometimes like to “spice it up” a little and make my sports drink. I’m not going to let the industry “enhance” it for me, though; their track record isn’t great at keeping toxic chemicals and sugar out of my food. I’m certainly not going to let them mess up the one calorie-free thing I consume. My husband and I were in a Thai restaurant a couple of years ago and the water we were drinking was the most delicious,┬árefreshing water we’d ever had. We had no idea why, until the waitress came over to refill our glasses. In the pitcher was a slice of strawberry and a slice of cucumber. She told us that they add the strawberry and cucumber (one slice of each is enough for an entire pitcher of water) and refrigerate … Continue reading