Paleo Treats: Rations for the Driven


My Standards Sometimes people send me things to sample. Usually they’re hoping for a review — some of them ask, some of them don’t. Usually they’re hoping I’ll at least pass on a message to you, dear Reader, and help promote their company. You can see I don’t actually post that many reviews. I try to live by the adage, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” If I don’t believe in a product or actually use it myself, I certainly don’t advertise for it. I don’t care how much money I can make, I refuse to sell out. My integrity means everything to me. Paleo companies are popping up all over the place, as Paleo becomes the newest and greatest thing since gluten-free sliced bread. Even some Vegans are converting. I’ve received samples from companies claiming to be Paleo but when I read the ingredients on their flashy packaging, I’ve been bitterly disappointed. Not only did I not consume their products, I didn’t blog about them, either. I have standards, you see. Paleo Treats: Rations for the Driven I was contacted a couple weeks ago by a representative of a company called Paleo … Continue reading

PrimalCon and Preparing for a Road Trip When You’re Paleo


I’m getting ready to leave for PrimalCon in a few hours and I am super excited. Not only will I be talking to others about how I transformed myself, I’m planning on concentrating on how I have dealt with the litany of doctors I have seen over the years – to date, I have seen about 50 doctors from four different countries for the various ailments I used to suffer from. I continue to visit the doctor occasionally, if only to test their knowledge and spread the word about things like “gliaden” and natural, nutritional interventions as opposed to pharmaceuticals – the go-to of every conventional doctor I’ve ever seen. Perhaps you get to choose the doctor you go to, but as part of the socialized, industrial machine that is military medicine, I don’t. I get to see a new one every time I go to the office. So, I do what I can to be a shit disturber. It’s just what I do. I’m going to take the time at PrimalCon to relax. I’m bringing my guitar and plan to enjoy the company of my wonderful Primal family, eat everything in sight and eventually let the sounds of the … Continue reading