May Day Reflections and PrimalCon


May Day. A day to herald the coming of Spring with song and dance, a day for children with flowers in their hair to skip around beribboned maypoles, a time to crown May Day queens. A day for blog posts, apparently. And phone calls, texts, emails, dings from Twitter, pings and pongs from Facebook, returns to Amazon and endless hours in Starbucks. I’m trying to recapture the feeling I had at PrimalCon a couple weeks ago, sitting in the sweet-smelling grass, basking in the sunshine, surrounded by bare feet with the wind whipping through my hair and the sound of the waves crashing on the shore. I’ve written a review of PrimalCon down below. I’m feeling the pull of Harbin Hot Springs, the need to disconnect and get back to nature. To start my cold thermogenesis therapy in their cold pools, to say ‘to hell with the cold, I’m getting in the hot pool and soaking for a while,’ to have non-food related conversations with vegans, to play guitar under a tree. And yes, to put flowers in my hair and dance naked under the stars. I’m a hippy pagan at heart. My heart yearns for these things. I’ve been … Continue reading

PrimalCon and Preparing for a Road Trip When You’re Paleo


I’m getting ready to leave for PrimalCon in a few hours and I am super excited. Not only will I be talking to others about how I transformed myself, I’m planning on concentrating on how I have dealt with the litany of doctors I have seen over the years – to date, I have seen about 50 doctors from four different countries for the various ailments I used to suffer from. I continue to visit the doctor occasionally, if only to test their knowledge and spread the word about things like “gliaden” and natural, nutritional interventions as opposed to pharmaceuticals – the go-to of every conventional doctor I’ve ever seen. Perhaps you get to choose the doctor you go to, but as part of the socialized, industrial machine that is military medicine, I don’t. I get to see a new one every time I go to the office. So, I do what I can to be a shit disturber. It’s just what I do. I’m going to take the time at PrimalCon to relax. I’m bringing my guitar and plan to enjoy the company of my wonderful Primal family, eat everything in sight and eventually let the sounds of the … Continue reading

Primalgirl Reveals: Where I’ve Been

cooking mom image

It’s been a while. Don’t worry, I haven’t fallen off the Paleo bandwagon, I’m still way on board. I’ve just been busy. Super busy. I have three jobs, not including Primal/Paleo blogger/advice giver and time is precious. What I’ve Been Doing: 1. I opened up my own business making custom retro aprons and dresses. I have an ETSY store, but at the moment have been so overwhelmed with orders from home that I haven’t posted items yet. I’ll do that soon and I will be posting a link here – after all, if you’re spending a lot of time in the kitchen making delicious Paleo meals, you need to look cute. Show off that cute new body. ^.~ (If you want to order something personally, email me. 2. I’m on the speaker support team for PaleoFX in Austin, Texas in March. I’ve been assigned to the speaker support team and assigned to one of the biggest names on the roster, so I am honored and super excited. PaleoFX is March 14-17. The PaleoFX team is offering free tickets for coaches and trainers so check out their website for the referral program or to get tickets for yourself. This is a … Continue reading