Cooking With Coconut Oil: A Review


Maybe I’m strange, but my favorite books to read have always been cookbooks. Even as a small child, I would spend rainy Saturday afternoons curled up on the couch with a stack of my mother’s cookbooks in front of me. I would devour them, page by page, using little strips of torn notebook paper to bookmark the ones that I wanted to make. Few of them rarely made it to the actual kitchen, but I loved reading the recipe descriptions and soaking up the pictures of the finished products. I’ve carried my love of reading cookbooks into adulthood, except now, almost all of them make it into the production stage. So, it was no surprise when I sat down one day last week with Elizabeth Nyland’s (of Guilty Kitchen fame) new cookbook, Cooking With Coconut Oil: Gluten-Free, Grain-Free Recipes For Good Living. As I thumbed through the pages of the book, it became apparent that I had a growing problem on my hands. It wasn’t which recipe that I wanted to try that was causing my dilemma, but which recipe I didn’t want to try. From baked salmon with blueberry sauce, dark chocolate cherry muffins, and salt-roasted beet salad with … Continue reading

Five Free Copies of “The Hidden Plague For Your Story


Just in time for the holidays, Tara would like to offer Primal Girl readers a very special opportunity, and has organized a giveaway for five free copies of her latest book, “The Hidden Plague.” What is the book about? “Have you been plagued with boils, cysts, ingrown hairs, and acne-like bumps that take months to resolve, leave embarrassing scars, and cause considerable pain? Have you been to the doctor, only to leave with a prescription for antibiotics, few answers, and little to no hope? Hidradenitis supprativa (HS) is a poorly understood skin condition that is believed to affect nearly twelve million people in the United States alone. Only a small fraction of those affected have been properly diagnosed, leaving many others to suffer in silence or pursue ill-advised conventional treatment methods that fail to address the cause of this painful condition.” “The Hidden Plague” addresses all of these issues and more. It sets readers on the path towards healing their guts, helping alleviate the discomfort caused by skin issues, and showing them how to reclaim their health. How do I enter this contest? We all have a story. Tell us yours.  Tell us why you need this book. Tell us how it … Continue reading

Debunking Myths About Paleo


Paleo is starting to get a bad reputation. Most of this we can blame on vegans and special interest groups, but partly it’s because we haven’t yet gathered together as a community. We haven’t organized or united in any way. This allows everyone to just run amok calling everything they do Paleo. Eat nothing but bacon? Totally Paleo. CrossFit six days a week? Paleo—just harder. Not eating for three days? PAF.* If this is what the average person hears about the Paleo lifestyle, it’s not surprising that it has started to get a reputation as a “fad diet,” or that we’re starting to get reputations as crazy freaks who are going to keel over and die from a heart attack…at…any…moment…now… Which I assure you, we are not. We know this lifestyle works, and most of us are healthier than we’ve ever been. So, to help us understand some of the preconceptions we need to do away with when we’re proselytizing from our soap boxes (which is another blog post entirely), I enlisted the help of someone who had heard of Paleo but didn’t have any experience with it at all. Virginia Cunningham answered the call and set out to figure … Continue reading

PrimalGirl Reads: Primal Moms Look Good Naked by Peggy Emch

Primal Moms Look Good Naked

I’m jealous. Really, really jealous. Most of you know I had a miserable pregnancy. Everything that could go wrong did—and I mean, everything. Extended bed rest, hemorrhaging, hemorrhoids, depression, carpel tunnel, pre-eclampsia, early delivery, no milk production—I was a mess. I spent over ten years trying to get pregnant, and then spent the entire pregnancy in fear that I would lose the babies. I would have, had it not been for the modern neonatal intensive care unit five minutes from our house. This was back in 2008. Not so long ago, really, but before I found the Primal lifestyle. Before I knew how food affected my health—before I got it. My pregnancy textbook was What To Expect When You’re Expecting. I was labeled a “high risk pregnancy” by incompetent military medical staff simply because I was carrying twins. They told me early on that I would have to have a c-section and probably wouldn’t be able to breastfeed. I had (on average) three to four ultrasounds a week. Nothing was natural, nothing was easy. It was just…miserable. I followed all the advice given to me by my doctors, and it turns out this was a very bad thing to do. … Continue reading

Saving Money Living a Primal Lifestyle


One of the complaints I hear most from people thinking about adopting a Primal or Paleo lifestyle is that it’s too expensive. Meat costs money. Coconut flour is expensive and hard to find. Organic fruits and vegetables cost more than their conventional counterparts. How do you make this type of lifestyle work on a restricted budget? I believe that if anyone can answer this question, I can. We are a single income family with two kids. Technically, we’re below the poverty line, since my husband is enlisted in the Air Force. However, we own our own 4000 sq ft home and have two beautiful (working) cars in the driveway. I have enough handbags and shoes to wear different ones every day for six months and we eat grass fed beef, pastured eggs, organic produce, coconut oil, pastured butter and bacon on a daily basis. I shop at Whole Foods, Trader Joes and Sprouts. We have savings accounts with money in them and while the balance on our credit card is a little higher than I’d like it to be, we don’t have any debt that isn’t manageable. How am I making it work? It seems like an impossible task, doesn’t … Continue reading

Slim Is Simple and Grass-Fed Beef


Primal Transformation Seminars I’ll be doing Primal Transformation Seminars in Austin, Houston, Minneapolis and Portland this spring together with Tracy and Matthew from True Nature Training, so if you’re close to one of those areas, sign up! You can find all the information you need right here. If you’d like us to hold a seminar in your area, leave a comment with the city that you live in and we’ll see what we can do. These full-day seminars include a 2.5 hour lecture/discussion with me on the Primal way of eating and lifestyle, followed by a 3-hour training session with Tracy and Matthew. True Nature Training is based on Primal fitness and includes elements of natural movement, parkour and gymnastics. It’s perfect for beginners! Participants will receive copies of The Primal Blueprint 21-day Transformation, the 90-day Journal, a gift bag with goodies and samples from Primal Blueprint, a t-shirt from True Nature Training and the chance to win a copy of the Primal Connection, Mark Sisson’s latest book. It’s going to be an amazing day so make sure you grab your ticket soon. Slim IS simple I have a couple of interesting links to share with you this week. The … Continue reading

Primalgirl Reads: The Primal Connection by Mark Sisson

The Primal Connection by Mark Sisson

I was thrilled to recieve my advance copy of Mark Sisson’s latest book in The Primal Blueprint series, The Primal Connection: Follow Your Genetic Blueprint to Health and Happiness, last week for several reasons. First (and foremost), I was interested in seeing how Mark interpreted a topic that should resonate with us all at our core. Second, I was curious to see how the book was laid out, seeing as I’m writing a very similar book myself. (Thankfully, Mark has covered the bigger topics I haven’t, and my book may end up being a great companion to this one.) Third, I was excited for people to actually read this book and start making changes in their lives — changes that would make it easier for me to interact with them, to connect on a deeper level and to form tribes based on shared human experiences instead of the latest model of a designer purse or the shared love of Nikon cameras. Why I Need This Book I’ve been feeling majorly disconnected from modern society for about four years now — about the same length of time that I’ve been Primal. I’ve lost touch with many friends, as I no longer … Continue reading

Dear Primalgirl: Paleo’s Gonna Kill Ya

rebuttal image

Okay, maybe I’m being a little mellow dramatic with the title of this post but when Ancel Keys is brought up, I get a little pissed off. I received this comment the other day on a post I did a while back called Can Going Paleo Give You Celiac Disease? The comment was just too long and complicated for me to write a simple rebuttal underneath. Instead, I decided to turn it into a post. I will address each point in black text so it is easier to distinguish who is “talking.” In case you don’t feel like reading the original post, I concluded that going Paleo hadn’t given me any new diseases or syndromes; instead the removal of particular foods from my diet caused me to be highly-aware of the immediate problems they created when reintroduced. Written by Scotty from  I Highly Disagree, it’s totally possible to get an Autoimmune disease from any dietary restriction, Low carb paleo included. (by the way clay color poop is associated with problems in the pancreas). Clay colored poop can be associated with pancreatic or liver problems. This is why I immediately had the doctor run a panel for me, to make … Continue reading

The Paleo Movement Sweeps Australia


As a person who was raised in Canada and then spent almost a decade in Europe, I have seen how the rest of the world pays attention to what’s going on. The United States doesn’t. Watch the news here and you’re lucky to even hear about that 7.0 earthquake in Asia. If you’re American, it’s more likely you know all the Republican candidates by heart and where they stand in the polls. The rest of the world isn’t like this. They pay attention to themselves, their neighboring countries and the rest of the world. They pay attention to us. The Paleo movement is starting to gain major momentum around the world. I don’t care where it started, who invented it and who does it best. I care that the message is spreading. People are adapting the Paleo/Primal diet and lifestyle to suit themselves, their families and their nations. Butter is flying off the shelves in Scandinavian countries, the French are talking to Robb Wolf and I’m getting comments from people in the UK, Israel, Greece and New Zealand. Rock. On. We often hear from Americans and Canadians about what it’s like to live a Paleo lifestyle but what about people … Continue reading