Help A Community Garden Rebuild: the African Alliance of Rhode Island


I don’t often ask for help, but I need to now. I would love it if you could help support the African Alliance of Rhode Island. Julius Kowalowe, the founder of AAofRI, created a community gardening program to achieve two things: 1. Provide African refugees, a majority of whom have extensive farming experience, who arrive in the U.S. with a communal space to meet, share stories, build friendships and stave off mental stress and resulting illness that is to be expected when you are scrambling to create a new life in a foreign world and your current skill set is by and large, obsolete. 2. Provide these same refugees with a direct means by which to feed their families, as they keep 100% of the crops yielded. The community gardening program is at an exciting stage right now as they have achieved surplus levels and have been able to sell their produce at a local farmer’s market. The woman are now able to bring in a small income in addition to ensuring quality produce for their families. This is big. The ability to earn an income and feed your family should not be “optional” in the United States. These people … Continue reading

A Chance to Win 8 Primal Blueprint Books!


I checked my email earlier today and was ecstatic to see that Primal Blueprint Publishing is starting to advertise my new book, The Hidden Plague: A field guide for overcoming and surviving Hidradenitis suppurativa, which will be available later this year. The cover art is all done and I think it looks great! If you visit this page here, you can see all the new books that are coming out in the next couple of years. Leave a comment and you’ll be entered in a contest to win 8 Primal Blueprint books! For those of you trying to manage your HS, this is an invaluable prize. Those books will give you information, recipes and advice on how to best adopt a Primal diet, which is your best chance of beating your HS forever. Do me a favor and leave a comment saying that you want to read MY book the most!! I’d be eternally grateful, plus you will have a chance to win some great stuff. You can find more information on the book, The Hidden Plague: A field guide for overcoming and surviving Hidradenitis suppurativa by clicking right here. Or check out my author page at Primal Blueprint Publishing. It … Continue reading

November Update

As we speak, I’m living in 600 sq ft with no oven, two screaming toddlers who are very upset with me and little to no will to live. The last couple of months have been so hectic that we’ve been completely overwhelmed. I’ve gone from a 2100 sq ft home, with full-time day care and supportive family around to this – practically overnight. My husband is in the military and in August we received word that we were moving to Phoenix, Arizona, ready or not, by the end of October. We spent most of the month of September out of the country and partying as much as possible with friends we’d never see again. That left October for us to get packed, landscape/sod an entire neglected backyard, look after two toddlers, repair damages to the house, clean it, load up the cars and hit the road. Just parenting these two kids amidst all this other crap has been almost more than I can take. They are out of their normal routine and schedule for the first time in their lives and have turned into little monsters. They demand 100% of my attention, 100% of the time and fight violently with … Continue reading