Living With HS: The Hidden Plague Giveaway Part 5


We end our week of giveaways here at with the final two winners of our contest. If you’ll recall, the original giveaway was limited to 5 books, but Tara had such a hard time choosing she decided to double that number. Changes in diet can often bring about a remission of sorts from HS, but there are other pieces to the puzzle that can take years to figure out. The information in The Hidden Plague: A Field Guide For Surviving and Overcoming Hidradenitis Suppurativa helps sort out those final, stubborn causes of flare-ups so that you know how to stay in remission. Today, we hear from two people who had a typical experience at the doctors – they were given lots of medication. Sadly, this is typical for those of us that visit the doctor’s office for our HS. These stories also tell another tale–about autoimmunity. Tara explains in The Hidden Plague how autoimmune (AI) conditions are connected. HS isn’t linked to any other AI condition; HS is an AI condition. When someone is suffering from more than one AI issue at a time, it simply comes down to the fact that their body is being attacked on more … Continue reading

Living With HS: The Hidden Plague Giveaway Part 4


We continue our week long series with two more stories that were sent to us in exchange for a free copy of The Hidden Plague. Do these stories sound like yours? There are many things that HS sufferers share – including wanting to hide, and isolate themselves. Part of what Tara has enjoyed the most about the release of her book and her interaction with the HS community is being able to show people that they’re not alone! If you have HS, we know there was a time when you thought you were the only one with it. You’re not. Tara meets more and more people in her everyday life that are suffering from HS. Today we hear from two more of you. You are not alone! Submission #7: I remember asking my mother about the knots I felt under my arm pit. She said, “Don’t mess with them,” they are probably caused by the deodorant I use. Of course I was hard headed and irritated the knots under my armpit. That was the beginning of my journey with hidradenitis. Besides from the knots I had under my arms I had boils in my groin. I couldn’t understand what was … Continue reading

Living With HS: The Hidden Plague Giveaway Part 3


It isn’t easy living with a disease like Hidradenitis suppurativa, but it’s even harder when you have children to take care of. Most of us with HS are frightened to death that we’ll pass our HS on to our kids. We’re also overwhelmed with medical bills, depression, and pain, which makes it harder to care for others. Our two winners today are mothers. Tara has received many emails from desperate moms, who are only hanging on because of their children. We hope that the information in The Hidden Plague will help them–and mothers everywhere–to overcome this disease and to regain their power. After all, we can’t properly care and give to others when we can’t properly care or give to ourselves. Submission #5: My dear friend (whose husband is dying in the hospital right now), just emailed me this link to your site and told me about your book, of which I was previously unaware.  I almost cried when I read the description of your book: “Have you been plagued with boils, cysts, ingrown hairs, and acne-like bumps that take months to resolve, leave embarrassing scars, and cause considerable pain? Have you been to the doctor, only to leave with … Continue reading

Living With HS: The Hidden Plague Giveaway Part 2


Today we hear from two women who have been struggling with HS since the onset of puberty. Although 23 is the average age that autoimmune conditions strike, it’s becoming more common to see symptoms appear earlier. Tara’s HS first showed up when she was fourteen. The onset of puberty is a tumultuous time at best; imagine adding a skin condition like HS into the mix. The first story especially resonated with Tara–her connection to the military and her failure with military doctors (and their prescription-happy attitude) is mentioned in The Hidden Plague. We’re happy to be able to help these two women gain the tools they need in order to regain control of their lives. Submission #3: Where to begin… I was 14 and going through puberty the first time I had a boil flare in my armpit. My pediatrician gave me some antibiotic ointment and sent me home with mom. We had noticed a slight darkening of the skin in both armpits shortly thereafter. I’m not sure if that was a precursor of what was to come or not. Eventually my disease spread into other areas of my body like my groin, inner thighs and buttocks. I didn’t have too … Continue reading

Living With HS: The Hidden Plague Giveaway Part 1


Those living with Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) can tell you that there is no cure. It does not ever just… go away. It’s painful. Unrelenting. You take it one day at a time and learn to live with it. The men, women, and children living with this disease are some of the strongest people we know, and Tara decided that she wanted to do something for them. With the release of her latest book, The Hidden Plague, thousands of people have been able to read about Tara’s personal experience living with HS, have found out what causes the disease, and have been given a detailed action plan to put themselves into remission. However, for every person that is able to purchase the book, there is someone who cannot. Medical bills pile up, there are rent checks to be paid, and food needs to be put on the table. Many people with HS are on disability, or have wasted money on gimmicky-cure scams in the past. We understand that sometimes, a book like The Hidden Plague is a luxury. Sometimes, it’s just not in the budget. This deeply affected Tara. She spent one and a half years writing The Hidden Plague so … Continue reading

A Chance to Win 8 Primal Blueprint Books!


I checked my email earlier today and was ecstatic to see that Primal Blueprint Publishing is starting to advertise my new book, The Hidden Plague: A field guide for overcoming and surviving Hidradenitis suppurativa, which will be available later this year. The cover art is all done and I think it looks great! If you visit this page here, you can see all the new books that are coming out in the next couple of years. Leave a comment and you’ll be entered in a contest to win 8 Primal Blueprint books! For those of you trying to manage your HS, this is an invaluable prize. Those books will give you information, recipes and advice on how to best adopt a Primal diet, which is your best chance of beating your HS forever. Do me a favor and leave a comment saying that you want to read MY book the most!! I’d be eternally grateful, plus you will have a chance to win some great stuff. You can find more information on the book, The Hidden Plague: A field guide for overcoming and surviving Hidradenitis suppurativa by clicking right here. Or check out my author page at Primal Blueprint Publishing. It … Continue reading

Your Microbiome: What It Can Tell You

Gut Flora: here, the bad guys outweigh the good guys.

Remember when the human genome was mapped? Or when DNA tests became available so you could see what drugs you reacted to or what diseases you had markers for? The folks at uBiome are mapping the human microbiome – the flora that’s in our gut, that makes up over 80% of our immune system and affects every aspect of our lives. Whether or not you care if the whole world gets mapped, this could be of critical importance to your own health, since if you make a donation to the project you will get your own personal microbiome results so you can see what’s really going on in there and what supplements you need to take (or which ones are totally ineffective). Today’s post is a guest post by Jessica Richman at uBiome. This is a fantastic project that I will be participating in, since I’ve been dealing with a couple GI issues lately. Let me know what you think in the comments. And, if you end up getting the testing done, let me know what you find out and how it helped on your journey for optimal health. —————————— Our Microbiome written by Jessica Richman Have you ever wondered how … Continue reading

November Update

As we speak, I’m living in 600 sq ft with no oven, two screaming toddlers who are very upset with me and little to no will to live. The last couple of months have been so hectic that we’ve been completely overwhelmed. I’ve gone from a 2100 sq ft home, with full-time day care and supportive family around to this – practically overnight. My husband is in the military and in August we received word that we were moving to Phoenix, Arizona, ready or not, by the end of October. We spent most of the month of September out of the country and partying as much as possible with friends we’d never see again. That left October for us to get packed, landscape/sod an entire neglected backyard, look after two toddlers, repair damages to the house, clean it, load up the cars and hit the road. Just parenting these two kids amidst all this other crap has been almost more than I can take. They are out of their normal routine and schedule for the first time in their lives and have turned into little monsters. They demand 100% of my attention, 100% of the time and fight violently with … Continue reading

Hidradenitis Suppurativa Book/Guide

Hey guys!

I’ve taken a short break from writing my book to write another book. I’m still getting overwhelming comments on my Hidradenitis Suppurativa posts, and I decided that I needed to get all the information and tips I have in one, easy to read — and easy to understand — format.

I hope to have this book finished and available on for download and purchase by the end of the month. I’ll be using a lot of the comments that you guys have posted over the last couple months but I need to know if you have any more questions about specific things that you want me to address.

So, here’s what I need:

1. Questions/comments/testimonials
2. I’m searching for potential names for the book. Some people I’ve talked to refer to their HS as “Bumps.” This is my working title, but if you have a better suggestion, please let me know!! The name is pretty important and I’m at a loss. The subtitle is definitely going to be: “A field guide for surviving — and overcoming — the painful condition Hidradenitis Suppurativa.”
3. Any pictures you have (or want to take) that you will let me use in the book. I can give you credit, or post them anonymously. They do NOT have to show your face. I will NEVER, EVER “out” you if you don’t want me to.
4. Lists of your triggers and reactions. Send it to me with the following subjects: 1. Known triggers, 2. Potential triggers, 3. Major Symptoms (Body Wide), incl. joint pain, endometriosis, 4. Specific Digestive symptoms, 5. Skin conditions, incl. rashes and acne, 6) Mood/Pain Level

You can either comment on this post, contact me directly by clicking on the “contact” tab in the upper right corner of this page. Anyone interested in sending pics, please let me know and I’ll send you my email address.

Thank you! I’m excited to have this book out for you to read and hopefully it will help you out a great deal.

Primalgirl Opens Up: Hidradenitis Suppurativa Part 2

nightshade collage

The response to my last post on Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) has been overwhelming and heartbreaking. I knew it would be. I know what it’s like to suffer with this. To have so many questions and no solutions. To get your hopes up that something is working, only to have a flare up when you least expect it. Grace says “I have been on so many websites and in reality, it is the same information copy and pasted over and over. NOBODY has any real information about what can be done for this disease. It is breaking my heart. My daughter is a beautiful young woman and I can’t imagine sitting idly by while this condition takes more and more hold over her body.” Kori says, “I too have suffered (continue to suffer) from HS since puberty. Since going primal I have noticed a severe reduction in outbreak (mine are mainly underarm, and buttock although occasionally groin) but not a total remission…It is true, though, that diet has been key. I have bad flare ups once or twice a year now as opposed to once a month.” Debbie, who also suffers from HS says, “I didn’t know the name of it … Continue reading