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Holly Redman is a woman on a mission– A mission to change the way that people view Paleo food. As a chef, nutritional therapist, and chemistry graduate, she is motivated by her desire to take an uninspiring dietary restriction and turn it into an absolutely mouthwatering way of eating. Let’s hear Holly’s story from the lady herself! As a coeliac (and more recently paleo dieter) married to someone with a dairy-intolerance I know just how frustrating eating out can be for people who avoid certain foods for health reasons. You feel like the Spanish inquisition just talking to the waiter, end up with a much reduced menu, and often have half the food removed from your plate because it isn’t suitable! So I wanted to create a hassle-free dining experience that embraced real food, creating dishes without processed ingredients and common allergens so that people on the paleo diet and other specialist diets could enjoy eating out again. For the last 10 months I’ve been running Pure Taste Popup – a monthly restaurant event in Sussex in the UK specialising in creating gorgeous gluten-free and paleo-friendly food! The response has been phenomenal, each night getting booked up many weeks in … Continue reading

Dear Primalgirl: Paleo’s Gonna Kill Ya

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Okay, maybe I’m being a little mellow dramatic with the title of this post but when Ancel Keys is brought up, I get a little pissed off. I received this comment the other day on a post I did a while back called Can Going Paleo Give You Celiac Disease? The comment was just too long and complicated for me to write a simple rebuttal underneath. Instead, I decided to turn it into a post. I will address each point in black text so it is easier to distinguish who is “talking.” In case you don’t feel like reading the original post, I concluded that going Paleo hadn’t given me any new diseases or syndromes; instead the removal of particular foods from my diet caused me to be highly-aware of the immediate problems they created when reintroduced. Written by Scotty from  I Highly Disagree, it’s totally possible to get an Autoimmune disease from any dietary restriction, Low carb paleo included. (by the way clay color poop is associated with problems in the pancreas). Clay colored poop can be associated with pancreatic or liver problems. This is why I immediately had the doctor run a panel for me, to make … Continue reading

Can going Paleo give you Celiac disease?

The short answer is no. Going Paleo isn’t going to suddenly give you a disease you never had. However, those that have undiagnosed Celiacs or gluten intolerance (so, lots of you) that consume wheat on a (let’s face it) daily basis may not be aware of the symptoms it’s causing until they remove it. They may have learned to live with nausea, fluid retention, hypoglycemia, panic attacks, arthritis or rumbly tummies, or may not even know those ailments are connected to what they’re eating. They may not even notice much of a difference when the gluten is removed. However, it’s hard to ignore what happens when the gluten is reintroduced after a period of time. Suddenly developing Celiacs or gluten intolerance is a common theme on the Paleo forums, because a lot of people may not have known they were sensitive in the first place. About three years ago, before I had ever heard the word ‘Paleo,’ I went to see a gastroenterologist because of all the digestive issues I was having. I was certain I had Celiac disease, or at the very least, was gluten sensitive. The doctor was certain I didn’t (yet another example of doctors failing me). They … Continue reading