Magical Multipurpose Paleo & Primal Dough Recipe

I’ve been working pretty hard on this recipe and I think it’s a winner. So much, in fact, that I’ve decided to sell it instead of giving it away for free. “Sell it?!” you ask incredulously. “Why not give it away like everyone else?”

The short answer is: I’m broke. My book is still in its editing phase and until it hits the shelves and becomes a New York Times Bestseller, I have absolutely no income. The long answer is: my husband told me this recipe was too good to give away. He wanted me to sell the recipe to a corporation so they could make it and sell it to you. I don’t want you to have to spend $6 for a 10 oz. box of crackers, so I’ve decided to sell you the recipe instead.

What is the recipe for? Pizza crust, crackers, rolls and (to a lesser extent cause they’re harder to make) tortillas. That’s right, Primalgirl’s Magical Multipurpose Paleo and Primal Dough Recipe will make ALL those things — and probably more if you’re super creative. I’m happier with the results of this recipe than I have been with any other recipe I’ve found in a book or online and with any gluten-free product I’ve purchased in a store. My husband likes pizza made with this dough better than delivery pizza. The crackers are crispy and crunchy. I’ve made hamburger buns, Saltines, Cheese Nips and dinner rolls. I can take bread with me to restaurants and parties and no longer have to ask for things wrapped in lettuce. Not that I don’t like lettuce-wrapped things, but after four years of eating this way, it’s starting to get a little old.


To justify the price of $3.95, I’ve done up two separate recipes: the first is 100% Paleo and the other is Primal (it has dairy in it.) With the exception of eggs, this recipe is autoimmune-protocol friendly and completely adaptable to whatever you have in your pantry.

Gluten-free products are often filled with ingredients that aren’t good for you – stabilizers, emulsifiers, preservatives and soy. Most Paleo and Primal recipes use coconut flour or nuts, resulting in a product that kind of resembles what you want – but isn’t the real thing. Not only is this recipe grain free, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free and yeast-free, it’s also free of legumes, beans and nightshades, making it perfect for someone on an autoimmune diet.* The best part is, it tastes amazing and it’s super versatile.

* Recipe contains one egg.

Altogether, there are 7 pages of information, including details about the ingredients you’ll need and where to find them, additions and variations, detailed instructions and super cute graphics I created myself using Adobe Illustrator.

Buying a copy of this recipe will ensure that 1) my family can eat tomorrow, 2) I can continue to afford to run this blog and 3) I will love you forever. If you purchase it, please leave a review in the comments! I’ve also started an affiliate program. If you’re interested in advertising for me, you can make 20% of any purchase you send my way.



Magical Multipurpose Paleo & Primal Dough Recipe — 216 Comments

  1. Your recipe makes the absolute best homemade pizza crust ever! Even my non-paleo, gluten-eating friends and family have been impressed. And the triple recipe makes my life that much easier. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Holly! Email me some of your favourite recipe uses. We might guest feature you as a recipe to watch on the blog … [] – Sarah, Assistant PrimalGirl

  2. The best bread I have made I was really going to make this my last try. I was tired of spending money, time and getting my hopes up only to be disappointed every time. Well what was going to be my last try truly is only because I don’t have to search for another recipe of give up I found the best bread plus a whole lot more you can make with this recipe. Thanks for working so hard on this for sure worth the money!!

  3. Do you think this recipe would work well for steamed buns? It’s been a long time since I have made steamed pork buns for my husband, and I keep promising to recreate the recipe paleo-style. It is originally made with a plain but sweet yeast dough. Your information is appreciated.

    • Hi Elysia! I’m not sure if it would work perfectly. I would try it by modifying the dough a little. Replace a bit of tapioca flour with coconut flour (the last 60 grams for sure and probably 20-30 grams of the bulk of the tapioca flour at the start). Add the optional nutritional yeast for sure and make sure your mashed root veggie is very dry. Steaming adds moisture so it may end up being gummy. I’m not sure. I’d love for you to test it and give us your results via email at I’m very interested as steamed pork buns are one of my partners favourite things and I know he sneaks them in China town during business meetings over dim sum! – Sarah (I’m Tara’s assistant)

      • Hi Sarah. Thank you very much for your suggestions. If I give it a try, I’ll let you know how it turns out. Apparently, the buns I used to make were too good as my husband won’t buy them. It’s both a compliment and a pain since I’m so stubborn about making them paleo :)

  4. Hello! I usually sub Arrowroot powder for tapioca, do you think this would work in this recipe? I also can’t have eggs or dairy, has anyone succeeded in in any subs for that. I really want to get your recipe, but thought I should ask these questions first.
    Thank You!

    Thanks Joanne! Subbing arrowroot for the tapioca won’t work, but you can make the recipe completely egg and dairy free. There are instructions for both in the download. Cheers!

    • Joanne, I have done it successfully. I usually do half tapioca and half arrowroot. I have also been successful in omitting the egg altogether with no substitutions. I tried flax but wasn’t fond of the flavour.

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