Primalgirl Reveals: Where I’ve Been

It’s been a while. Don’t worry, I haven’t fallen off the Paleo bandwagon, I’m still way on board. I’ve just been busy. Super busy. I have three jobs, not including Primal/Paleo blogger/advice giver and time is precious.

What I’ve Been Doing:

1. I opened up my own business making custom retro aprons and dresses. I have an ETSY store, but at the moment have been so overwhelmed with orders from home that I haven’t posted items yet. I’ll do that soon and I will be posting a link here – after all, if you’re spending a lot of time in the kitchen making delicious Paleo meals, you need to look cute. Show off that cute new body. ^.~ (If you want to order something personally, email me.

2. I’m on the speaker support team for PaleoFX in Austin, Texas in March. I’ve been assigned to the speaker support team and assigned to one of the biggest names on the roster, so I am honored and super excited. PaleoFX is March 14-17. The PaleoFX team is offering free tickets for coaches and trainers so check out their website for the referral program or to get tickets for yourself. This is a great, practical conference for people interested in LIVING a Paleo lifestyle. I’ll have lots of time to relax and enjoy the conference so I’ll be posting a great deal about what I learn.

3. I’m presenting at Mark Sisson’s PrimalCon in Malibu in April. I’m a little nervous about this one, as I simply see myself as a regular person who reads a lot of books written by other people and experiments on herself. I don’t know why I get to stand up there with the experts and the rock stars, but I’ll take it. ;)

4. I’m doing tons of modeling and making a lot of my own outfits. Super satisfying but damn, it takes a lot of time and preparation. I did get noticed by Sharon Osborne the other night at a taping of America’s Got Talent, though. She actually came over to me to tell me that she “just loved my outfit.” Gush! That made the 2 weeks of frustration, pricked hands and endless ironing all worth it. I wished I had had time to tell her that I made it myself and I would totally make her one, too but she was whisked off by Howard Stern, who frankly resembles Tom Baker circa 1974 these days. I am going to knit him a Doctor Who scarf, I swear to God.

5. I have three-year old twins. If I thought I was overwhelmed before, I was mistaken. Potty training is insane. Cooking every single meal for a family of four from scratch is super time consuming too. Please believe me when I tell you I understand when you cave and go through the drivethru. I understand. But I just can’t bring myself to do it.

What I Have Planned:

1. A follow-up video post to my Paleo Beauty Secrets post. I’ve had such an overwhelming response to this post I would like to take you all on a week-long journey in the life of my hair, ha ha. Seriously, I’ll edit it down. ^.^ (Some people want to know if I’m “real” – this will be your chance to confirm/deny my transformation. Note: While you’re reading that, make sure to check out how lank and flat my hair was before I went Primal.)

2. An honest post about Hidradenitis Suppurativa. I’ve cured mine but don’t often talk about it because it’s so embarrassing. However, it’s time to pull this one out of the closet. Not only am I cured without any sort of medication whatsoever, but I have found the specific trigger food group that causes flareups in me. If you suffer from HS, you will want to read this post. If you’re not sure what HS is, read this information from the Mayo Clinic. I bet you know at least 5 people with this condition – but they won’t tell you about it. I will. They say there is no cure. There is.

3. A post about PCOS. Mine is gone. I don’t take ANY medication. Peggy the Primal Parent also has some great info on PCOS, I’ll be linking to her. I no longer have any symptoms of PCOS and believe me, I had them ALL.

4. I have some great new recipes, including chicken nuggets and fishsticks, that, while they may not be strictly Paleo, definitely can be fit into a Primal lifestyle. I have also been asked for lists of foods that I eat, so I’m going to take you through a week of my diet.

5. Guest posts. Many of you are on a Primal/Paleo journey as well and I’d love to hear from you. If you would like to do a guest post, please email me!


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  2. I believe you just answered a question half a dozen or so Drs couldn’t. I had not one but two huge lumps/infections removed from my left armpit when I was 17. They were huge infections that had to be drained. One was slightly larger then a softball, the other only got tennis ball size. Both times they showed up hugely fast and were really gross to have drained. I’ve always gotten the little red bumps/zits but never thought much about it. Thanks for the information. And yes, we’re still trying to slowely be fully Paleo. My sons grades ( I talked to you awhile back about the school thinking he should be drugged for ADD?) have gone from Ds and Fs, to Bs!! Isn’t that awesome? And I’ve dropped 30 pounds! Thank you so much for doing what your doing and getting the information out there.

  3. Really looking forward to your slot at PrimalCon this year, it was such a fantastic event last year! I’d hoped to be able to go to the Paleo FX too, but flying out for the AHS and PrimalCon might have to be my limit for this year, sadly.

  4. Lovely to see you back, Sweetie. I’m currently on a trip in Toronto and finding it hard to keep eating properly, but will be home in a couple of days, so your Mom will get me back on track! Thank goodness for her, or I’d be a right lard-ass. :)

    Love you bunches



  5. I’m so curious about the America’s Got Talent as I’ve been in San Fran for 2 weeks and walked right past their audition line (2 blocks long!) I wonder if I walked right past you???? How cool that Sharon spoke with you! You ought to send her something you make, like a cool apron…

    • I was wearing a bright red dress and had a black, red and white bandana wrapped around my head, 40s style. I was in the VIP line, though, which was at a different part of the building, so I’m not sure you saw me. I would love to send Sharon something, but I’m afraid that she would like it and then either 1) want more or 2) advertise for me – and since I’m doing this alone out of my spare bedroom, I would be quickly overwhelmed. But you’re not the first person who has mentioned that to me. :) I probably should do it.

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