Favorite Paleo Goes Mainstream: What’s in the Paleo Diet?

Part Three: Caveman Diet Shows Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Benefits

CBS has been airing more segments about the Paleo diet and lifestyle. Dr. Kim Mulvihill has done a fantastic job at explaining the Ancestral Health Movement, in fact she’s made it so simple even a caveman could understand it, ha ha ha. Here are the latest videos (note: I’m having problems with the embed code, I’ll be doing separate posts for each video). I especially like the last one about saturated fat, even though she got it slightly wrong. There are tons of resources on the CBS website, including sample Paleo diets and direct links to research. It’s nice to see a news agency trying to actually educate the public instead of deceiving them for once. What’s In The Paleo Diet? Featuring Dr. S. Boyd Eaton, Mark Sisson, Dr. Robert Lustig and Dr. Lynda Frassetto. Aired November 3, 2011. Watch More: Part Two | Part Three | Part Four … Continue reading

Paleo Goes Mainstream Part II

Part Two: Surprising Results from the Caveman Diet

Dr. Kim Mulvihill is at it again! She feels so good on a Paleo diet that she says she’s going to stick with it for life. This is a special edition breaking down just what you can eat on the Paleo diet and how to cheat (although I’d never cheat with wheat!). Next week, she’ll be bringing us another week long series on the Ancestral Health and Paleo movement. Stay tuned! (If the video above doesn’t load, please try refreshing the page.) … Continue reading

N=Primalgirl: Sleep Issues & Vitamin D


First off, I’m moving this blog to www.primalgirl.com lickedy split. I can transfer all my email subscribers over but I can’t transfer everyone, so if you don’t receive a newsletter from me announcing my next post by next week, feel free to hop on over to www.primalgirl.com and re-subscribe. In fact, do it now. :) The site’ll be a little disorganized for a few weeks, but I should have it under control soon. Second, I discovered something cool I want to share with you. Obviously what works for me isn’t going to work for everyone but I think I made an important connection between Vitamin D and sleep quality that I’ve never heard mentioned before. Correct me if I’m wrong, I haven’t read everything out there. The major thing I took away from the Ancestral Health Symposium is that self-experimentation and the dissemination of said results is the absolute key to helping others find their Paleo solution. We have to experiment on ourselves to tweak what is optimal for us, and sometimes we just can’t think of what to tweak. For those of you that haven’t heard of it, these experiments are being referred to as N=1. You may remember … Continue reading